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About Recruiter Care

Need to Hire Caregivers? Looking for New Caregiver Jobs?

We help recruiters, families, and individuals — in need of in-home caregivers for a loved one or themselves — find dedicated and qualified caregivers by posting jobs on our caregiver-exclusive community so that they can attract and hire caregivers and have peace of mind.


Our Caregiver Recruiting Services

Let Recruiter Care be your first step in finding caregivers and reduce costly caregiver turnover by selecting our candidate interviewing and new hire onboarding.

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    Post your new Job

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    We attract caregiver to your job post

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    SELECT CAREGIVERS -- (Premium Upgrade)

    You can stop at 1 and 2... or ask us to help select the best caregivers for you out of all applications (OPTIONAL)

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    INTERVIEW & PRE-SCREEN -- (Premium Upgrade)

    We conduct live interviews and applicant pre-screening (OPTIONAL)

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    INTERVIEW & HIRE -- (Premium Upgrade)

    Select pre-screened candidates to interview then you select and hire your favorites (OPTIONAL)

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    ONBOARDING -- (Premium Upgrade)

    We help onboard your new caregivers (OPTIONAL)